znakhmfJSC "Khmelnytsky pasta factory" was founded in 1948 based on gorpromkombinata. Throughout the period of the policy, the factory was and remains a focus on cutting-edge developments in ensuring the stability of product quality, meeting the needs of consumers, introduction of advanced modern technologies and equipment, introduction of quality systems. Made pasta according to original recipes ore than 50 items. Manufactured products from the best varieties of domestic raw materials, without dyes and additives. environmentally friendly. The factory has achieved strong results through appropriate staffing capability and high professionalism of the company. 


Repeatedly carried out reconstruction to increase the capacity of the enterprise. Finally, in 1987 it reached a level of 9.2 tons in 1988, when production was moved to a new building constructed by the improved design, it was possible to really care about improving the technical level of production. First installed the four native thread-mechanized lines daily capacity 46 tons of short cut pasta. Implemented the bulk handling and storage of flour. with a 90-s factory has a clear course to change their status from public to private enterprise.
Since 1992, the team went on to lease-purchase, in 1993 - a collective enterprise. In 1996, receives a certificate of the State Property Fund, certifying the status of the privatized enterprises JSC "Khmelnytsky pasta factory." In 1991 the factory started Swiss line with a capacity of 40 tons of long-cut pasta such as spaghetti day. In order to expand markets for products and its competitiveness in 1998 as a loan guaranteed by the Cabinet of Ministers have bought and installed a complex - an automated production line 


"Turbotermatik" the Swiss company "Buhler" for the production of short cut pasta "extra". Range varies depending on demand. 

Packaging products are manufactured in bright cardboard packaging, polypropylene film in the Italian vending company "Zamboni", "Sasib" and Hungarian "F - Pack". Factory competes with domestic and foreign producers, attracting shoppers not only reasonably priced but high quality products and colorful packaging with the original design.
Annual capacity of the factory 16.4 tons of pasta. Over recent years, applied model of perfection European Foundation for Quality Management (EFUYA), affecting all aspects of the enterprise to meet the needs of customers, staff and society as well as on their own business interests and are used for diagnosis, analysis and improvement of the company. Periodically, factory tested State Standard of Ukraine, the management of Consumer Protection, Sanitary and Epidemiological and other inspections.

Our awards


 For the success of the factory received numerous awards:

1. "For Commercial Prestige" 1997, Madrid (Spain)
2. Sign "Consumer confidence" pasta "extra" Consumer society Khmelnitsky region. 1998, 1999.
3. Diploma of I degree according to the results of the competition - tasting pasta at the VII international specialized exhibition "Pasta" in 2001. Moscow (Russia), and a bronze medal in a competition - tasting pasta at the VIII International specialized exhibition "Macaroni" 2002. Moscow (Russia)
4. Diploma and a medal winner of the 4-th Ukrainian National Quality Award in the category "Small and medium-sized enterprises." 1999.
5. Cup Winner 5-th Ukrainian National Quality Award in the category "medium-sized enterprises", 2000
6. Diploma in Capital - Prestige 98 "for the stability of the factory during the last 3 years.
7. Diploma from the "Food and drinks" 1999.
8. Cup and a diploma of the winner of All-Ukrainian competition of quality products "100 best goods of Ukraine in 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009,
9. 1 place in the international contest Choice of the Year "in the" pasta of the Year "in 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008yy